1. Can I set up an account with ACH?
    Yes, by requesting, completing and submitting our account application form. As part of applying for an account with ACH, you will be required to provide a credit card payment or direct deposit for an agreed portion of the initial hire. Until your account application has been approved, your hire remains as COD and payment will be required at the end of the billing period by credit card or direct deposit.
  2. Do I have to pay the damage levy?
    Yes, unless you provide ACH with a certificate of currency as per section 11 of our terms and conditions. ACH encourage all customers to review our policy regarding damage waiver.
  3. Does the equipment come with a harness?
    Yes, where required ACH provide safety harnesses and these are charged as a separate hire item. The client can provide their own harnesses and must email a request that ACH do not provide harnesses with equipment hire. Damage to harnesses will incur a replacement charge of $275+GST per harness and is not covered under the damage levy.
    Common examples of damage include:
    * Weld burns
    * Non-removable stains such as paint, silastic, plumbing glue etc.
    * Rips or tears due to sharp objects
  4. Do I require a licence to operate an EWP?
    Yes, under current regulations, a licence is required for high-risk work, which includes operating booms over 11 meters high.
    Booms less than 11 meters high and all scissor lifts do not require a licence. However, ACH require operators to demonstrate that they have a level of competency in operating these EWPs.
    This competency can be demonstrated by completing an EWP operator’s course run through a registered training organisation.
  5. What constitutes a stand down?
    No stand downs applicable for rain, site shutdowns, RDO’s, staff and material shortages.KNUCKLE & STICK BOOMS / ALL-TERRAIN SCISSOR LIFTS:
    Rain full stand downs only apply if called prior to 10am every day. No stand downs are applicable for site shutdowns, RDO’s, staff and material shortages.

    Rain stand downs are 50% if called in prior to 10am every day. No stand downs are applicable for site shutdowns, RDO’s, staff and material shortages.

    No stand downs applied.

    QUOTED RATES LESS THAN STANDARD RATE CARD: Where an item is hired at a negotiated rate less than that on a HIRER’S agreed rate card, then no stand downs are available, regardless of the equipment, as all discounts have been included.

  6. How do I off hire a machine?
    Call ACH on 1300 361 383 or email office@assethire.com.au and provide your details, site contact, phone number, location and any time requirements.
  7. What is the refuelling process?
    The hirer can refuel the equipment during the course of the hire or at the completion of the hire. If you choose to have ACH complete the refuelling during the course of the hire then a request must be placed the day before by contacting the office on 1300 361 383 or office@assethire.com.au. The standard refuelling rate is $2.86 per litre (at time of writing) including GST, this includes travel to and from site.
  8. Who do I call if the equipment needs servicing?
    Please notify ACH immediately on 1300 361 383 if you require service for a breakdown, refuelling or technical advice.
  9. Do you inspect the site prior to placing an order?
    Yes, if you require any form of technical support when selecting equipment for your site, one of our account managers will visit you to assist. This can be arranged by phoning 1300 361 383.
  10. How often do I need to charge the batteries on an electric machine?
    All electric EWPs must be charged on a daily basis.
  11. Do I have to clean the equipment before returning it.
    Prior to return, all equipment should be swept out and washed down. Any paint or other substances must be removed. A $100+GST per hour plus chemical charge cleaning fee will be applied where a machine has been returned without an obvious attempt to clean the machine. Machines used in a concrete pouring environment MUST be washed down on a daily basis whilst on hire.
  12. What is the minimum and maximum hire time?
    The minimum length of hire is one day with no limit as to the maximum hire period. Please note that when a hire period over lays with the EWP’s quarterly or annual service, ACH will require site access in order to undertake the service on the machine.
  13. Where can I find the specifications for a machine that I wish to hire?
    Each machine has a compliance plate outlining basic machine information. A comprehensive specification sheet can be viewed and downloaded for each of our products.
    Please visit www.assethire.com.au or contact ACH, office@assethire.com.au or 1300 361 383, to request information.
  14. Where do I find the risk assessments and operator’s manual for EWPs?
    Risk assessments and operator’s manuals are located in the “black” operator’s box attached to the basket of each machine.
  15. Where can I find the machine service history?
    The pre-hire inspection report is located in the yellow pouch attached to the EWP. If you require a copy of the last quarterly or annual service please contact ACH 1300 361 383 or office@assethire.com.au to request a copy.
  16. Do you deliver outside the ACT?
    Yes, we deliver outside the ACT. A quote for transport charges will be provided prior to transportation taking place.
  17. What is ACH’s delivery and pickup service and can I self collect equipment?
    ACH provide a complete delivery and pickup service 7 days a week with no additional charges for weekend deliveries.
    If a delivery or pickup occurs between the hours of 6pm and 6am an additional charge may apply. A quote will be provided on request, prior to transportation taking place.
    Towable units may be self collected and are covered under the hirer’s general insurances.
    Equipment requiring heavy vehicle transport may be self collected however full company vehicle insurance coverage must be emailed to office@assethire.com.au at least 1 day prior to collection.