All cash customers are required to make payment prior to the delivery of any equipment hired. Please complete our Direct Debit process by entering your email address and business name, and then clicking the link below, to enable us to take this initial payment and store your bank account/credit card details securely through the St George’s PayWay secure server. This will allow us to take payments when your hire has reached the date you have paid up to and we need to extend your hire further if you have not off-hired the equipment.

As a courtesy, we will make contact to advise you that your next payment is due prior to processing it. This will either be done by text message or email. We will then extend your hire and take the next payment accordingly as per the agreement. If you then off-hire the equipment early we will happily refund any differences within 7 working days.

An invoice will then be sent out showing the next payment taken relevant to the extended hire dates.

Entering your email address and business name, and clicking on the link below will take you to the Direct Debit page for you to securely enter your bank or credit card details. By doing this you are authorising Asset Construction Hire to take payment for your initial hire and any subsequent extensions thereof. You will then be set up in our secure direct debit system and will be able to make use of it for any future bookings.

If you have any questions about this system please feel free to contact us.

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